Roadkill calendar a surprise hit

A controversial roadkill calendar featuring squashed squirrels, battered badgers and dead ducks has become a surprise bestseller.

High street stores are refusing to stock the calendar but creator Kevin Beresford says he has been inundated with online orders.

Mr Beresford, 58, a courier, travelled around the country to take his photos of carcasses, some of which are so squashed they cannot be identified.

"Some people are finding it too controversial to stock, so I'm selling it online and it's going really well," he said.

"I think it's good to push the boundaries as the calendar industry is very conservative."

The calendar opens with four mallards lying dead on an industrial site in Redditch, and ends with a dead hedgehog in Buckinghamshire.

"I travel around a lot so I see a lot of roadkill. I'm always on the look out for a quirky calendar idea so I decided to give it a try," added Mr Beresford.

"I like the idea as it's different and appeals to my take on life and I think the British love animals - even dead ones."

The calendar is dedicated to "all the courageous critters that never quite made it across the road in time".
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